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In Search of Excellence

With the ever-growing threats to current circumstances from innovation. It is important for all industries to explore what they can redefine or reinvent.
At our BEI Services Blog “In Search of Excellence,” we share inspiration intended to spark the imaginations of our partners, and prospects.

If You Track One Metric For Your Service Team, It Should Be This One

Date: WED MAY 30, 2018        Written By: Bud Karakey

Most office imaging owners and senior managers have a difficult time answering this question: is your service team efficient? Most dealers feel their team is competent, and their service technicians go “above and beyond” for the customers, but answering the question about how efficient you are, requires comparing your performance...

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Is your Hold for Parts number above 12%? Brace yourself. That number is costing your dealership.

Date: WED MAY 02, 2018        Written By: Bud Karakey

In a typical month, BEI Services monitors over 800,000 service calls, performed by 14,000+ technicians. One statistic we watch closely is the percentage of calls a service team cannot complete because they don’t have the right part. That’s right, the dreaded Hold For Parts (HP) call status. What strikes us...

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Other People’s Money

Date: WED MAR 14, 2018        Written By: Ray Stasieczko

As a business owner, you’d like to think that employees spend your money as if it were theirs. Especially in the imaging channel where parts, supplies, and field service operations are the main determining factors in your overall profit. “Other people’s money” is more than just a term, it’s the...

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