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Technician Incentive Program

Change behavior habits and drive service performance new heights.

Solutions Overview

BEI Services offers the most utilized turnkey, self-funding technician incentive program in the industry that is proven to drive service performance to staggering levels. Our program is unique in that it is based on our exclusive national model specific performance data, encouraging technicians to meet or exceed minimum national standards per model. Technicians are rewarded based on service call quality, installing the right parts and getting equipment to run as long as possible between service calls. Technicians are also incentivized to fix your customers equipment right the first time, without having to return due to a call quality issues or not having the correct parts. Most dealerships recognize a 20% reduction in service costs as a result of the program and an increase in customer retention and satisfaction.



How Technician Incentive Program Works.

The program is based on pages or clicks managed by each technician. Service calls are evaluated based on how long the machine runs after the call and the number of pages produced. Each page is assigned a CPP commission rate that is applied to the technician bonus monthly. The higher the page count, the higher the bonus (all machines serviced must surpass BEI Services exclusive model specific call quality criteria in order for the technician to get credit for the managed pages). Parts usage is also measured based on customizable part CPP targets. This incentivizes technicians to make the right parts decisions, and in no way penalizes parts usage. Technicians have the ability to earn additional bonus for coming in below the part CPP target established. First call effectiveness is also measured and the achieved bonus can be adjusted based on the achieved percentage




See Technician Incentive Program In Action

Tracy Short


BEI has played a huge role in allowing us to operate more efficiently with fewer technicians. With BEI prodding us to have the open dialogue with each technician on a monthly basis, seemed to really bring things into perspective for the average field technician. That back-n-forth communication, in my opinion, is what really made the difference for us. And having the data at our fingertips made that possible. So, yeah, long story short, BEI played a huge role in our ability to operate more efficiently with less manpower. Thanks for taking such an active role with us while we still learn to navigate Acuity! ​​​​​​​

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